Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served our country. Watch our video below and read the stories of each veteran that Realogy Military Rewards is honoring this year.


This holiday was originally called Armistice Day and started as a day to reflect upon the heroism of those who died serving our country. It fell on November 11th because that is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. However, in 1954, the holiday was changed to “Veterans Day” in order to account for all veterans in all wars.

Veterans Day Video

Our Heroes Stories

Andrew (AJ) Clark | Army

dad Jamie Steinbacher

“When I first met AJ he was a single dad who’s only concern was finding a perfect home for his kids to grow up in. We worked together over the course of several years to get him into a position to make that dream become a reality. The trials/tribulations he had to overcome to be in a position to purchase that home sent me on a pathway to getting my Military Relocation designation and make helping veterans facing similar adversity a focal point of my business.”

Nominated by: Jamie Steinbacher

Sabrina Sierra | Army | Years of Service: 5

Sabrina Sierra min scaled

“Dedicated and loyal service member and friend.”

Nominated by: Frank Albanese

Todd Ernst | Air Force | Years of Service: 22.5

ToddErnst cindy king

“Todd is a veteran of operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. He led a 5 year campaign to change US Public law on survivor benefits for families of Guardsmen & Reservists. He is the author of “Home with Honor”, chronicling Vietnam POWs after their return home.”

Nominated by: Cindy King

Staff Sgt. Enzo Gallesi | Army | Years of Service: 13

IMG 5818

“I was he and his wife Katie’s REALTOR® for three transactions with Realogy Military Rewards Programs

Staff Sgt. Gallesi is a wonderful Father to four children, a great Husband to Katie, he serves and loves his Country through service in the Military and as a full time Firefighter. He has been deployed to Afghanistan, to Africa to train the Moroccan Army, to Honduras to train the Honduran Army.”

Nominated by: Lynn Hader

Jack Glover III | Army | Years of Service: 7

glover army

Nominated by: Karenna Glover

“I’d like to honor my husband for his years of service as an Army Ranger, and his ongoing service to the veteran community.  Since active duty, he has served with various veteran organizations and as a mentor to young people interested in military service. His largest commitment is to Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization that helps communities recover while leveraging the skillsets of veterans and providing them a sense of purpose and camaraderie. His commitment to serving the country and fellow veterans has always been passionate, genuine, and inspiring.”

Seamus Cypher | Special Forces | Years of Service: 14

Seamus Cypher

“So proud of this guy. He is just amazing.”

Nominated by: Bonnie Cypher