Most military families move every two to three years, and some even more frequently. Aside from deployments, one might say it is one of the biggest hassles military families have to face. A PCS move can be extremely stressful for some, and a big reason why are the foreseeable hidden costs that no one really talks about.

Moving Expenses Not Covered During a PCS Move

Most military families encounter several out of pocket expenses when completing a PCS move. Here are some common situations that most military families face.

1. Throwing Out Everyday Household Supplies

Everyday household supplies are common hidden costs that many overlook when you move. For most, just before your PCS move, many are tossing all kinds of cleaning supplies and emptying their refrigerators of recently opened condiments, food, and salad dressings.  Remember, that liquids and chemicals can’t be easily packed.

Solution: Plan ahead if you can. If you know you are due for a PCS move, even if you don’t have orders, try to anticipate. Plan meals that will use up the last of that bottle of ketchup and buy smaller bottles of household cleaners. It might cost a little bit more than buying the family size, but in the end, you won’t end up having to throw away half a bottle.

2. Your Furniture Doesn’t Fit

It’s been a long day and you just arrived at your new temporary home. Maybe the way you previously arranged your furniture doesn’t flow in your new space or the dimensions are off in certain rooms.

Solution: Unfortunately, this is hard to plan for. One solution is to buy modular furniture whenever possible. Also, before packing up your furniture in the moving truck, take some measurements. Then when you are checking out potential new homes, take some quick measurements including the entranceways to see if your favorite items will work.  And, if you are looking for ideas or ways to spruce up your new space, take advantage of the many home décor websites, blogs and magazines for inspiration!

3. Billed Accounts

When you set up new utility accounts there may be a deposit associated with it. Be prepared for an additional expense when setting up your electric, water, sewer, etc. Remember, any time you start new services such as cable, internet, and cell phones there is an activation fee that you have to pay all over again.

Solution: Do your best to transfer accounts rather than stop and re-start accounts in order to avoid activation fees.

Here to Help with Your PCS Move

Now that you are more prepared to combat the hidden costs of a PCS move, we are here to help you with your move. You can also earn $350-$7,500 in cash back after closing. When you’re ready to get started, visit Realogy Military Rewards and hit “Sign Up” or call 1-800-752-3642 today!