Preparing your home for a sale can feel like a daunting process, and even more so if you are a military family with a PCS deadline. You’ll want to know how to stage your home when you are trying to sell quickly before moving. Homes that are staged properly will help potential buyers envision themselves living there and ensure that you get the most out of your investment. According to 2020 data from the Real Estate Staging Association, (RESA) “85% of staged homes received offers between 5-23% above listing price.” Follow these few simple strategies to entice potential buyers with appealing presentation.

1. Depersonalize and Declutter

If you only have time to complete one home staging step, depersonalizing and decluttering should be at the top of your list. You may not realize it, but even if you’ve only lived in your home a few years, you have likely accumulated many items since you first moved in that you’ll want to clean out room by room. Setting aside some time every day, about 30 days before you are scheduled to take photos for the listing, to clean out a room can help make the task seem less daunting.

Not only will decluttering your home help your military family have less to pack when it’s time to move, but it will help potential buyers see what your home truly offers. It’s always a plus when there is a little bit less focus on your personal design preferences and decorations to let your space shine.

2. Clean Out Your Closets

Closets are one of the places in your home where unwanted items end up the most. To take your home staging to the next level, you need to clean out all of your home’s closets. When many items in closets are “out of sight, out of mind,” you’re probably overlooking what’s contained within as you scan through it.

While many showings do happen virtually, potential buyers might be turned off to your home after coming in person and peering into a messy closet. Take out everything you have in each, yes, we really mean everything! Decide what to keep, toss or donate.

3. Makeover Your Outdoor Space

What’s the first thing that a potential buyer sees when walking up to your front door? A group of garden gnomes in the garden by the front lawn? Pink flamingos all over the front lawn? All kidding aside, your home’s outdoor space is the first part that people will notice when arriving to take a home tour. Creating a sense of curb appeal for potential home buyers before they even step foot in your home by staging your outdoor spaces.

4. Use Light to Make Areas Feel More Inviting

A less obvious, but equally important piece of how to stage your home is using light. A well-lit home makes it appear warm, friendly, and inviting.

While potential buyers examine your home, they’ll be sure to look at where light is coming from and evaluate their functionality. For instance, a bright light over or around a mirror can transform a dark, uninviting bathroom into a functional place ready to be used.

Ultimately, make sure every light fixture and bulb works! This will make your home feel polished.

5. Find a Real Estate Agent with Military Move Experience

One of the best tips that we can give you to help you stage your home before a military move, is to have the help of a real estate agent with experience working with military families at your side.

According to new research, 97%* of active-duty service members and their spouses say it is important to work with real estate professionals who have expertise working with active-duty military and their families. They can give more tips and guidance for preparing your home for showings.

The Realogy Military Rewards program can help you sell your home by connecting you with a real estate agent that has experience working with military families and veterans. The program was designed to support military personnel in their home buying and selling journey. You’ll also earn $350 – $7,500 in cash back after closing. If you’re ready to get the support you need to navigate this competitive real estate market, please visit Realogy Military Rewards today and hit “Sign Up” today.

* The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Realogy among 250 U.S. active-duty service members and 250 spouses of active-duty service members, between February 25th and March 3rd, 2021, using an email invitation and an online survey.