PCS moves are a fact of life for military families, but each one is unique and offers its own challenges. It might be your first move with a spouse, or even your first move with children or aging parents. No matter the nature of your move or how many you’ve experienced in the past, there’s a lot to consider and it can be a daunting process. The good news is the height of military moving occurs in the summer, which minimizes disruption of your daily life. Find quiet moments to re-set and check out our tips to successfully navigate a summer PCS move.

Have Your Finances In Order and Be Ready for the Unexpected

Whether this is your first summer PCS move or your seasoned pro, utilizing a savings account can be a great way to cover incidentals during this transitional time. A good rule of thumb is to save as much as your budget will allow. Create a savings plan and try to stick to it, contributing what you can on a regular basis. Having a savings account ready should help with covering any unexpected expenses during your move. Consult a financial advisor or take advantage of useful services and timesavers offered by your bank or credit card company to get a better handle on managing your finances.

Reign in Your Spending and Cut Unnecessary Expenses

 Taking a closer look at your spending habits can help with setting up a budget for your summer PCS move. Make time to go through your credit card statements and carefully review your typical monthly expenses like groceries, household items, clothes, recreational activities, and bills. Next, see if there are any expenses that can be dropped entirely when moving. Think of gym or Costco and Sam’s Club memberships, routine trips to restaurants, or anything else that you can eliminate or won’t carry over well.

Make it a Friends and Family Affair When Preparing for Your Move

Don’t hesitate to involve all family members and some close friends throughout the moving process. Creating an inner circle of capable people who are invested and resourceful, will help ease everyone’s worries about your move. Plus, having additional support and hands on deck will ease the burden on you! Make sure to assign children easy moving tasks like creating packing lists or sorting their toys and clothes to determine what will come on the move. Lightening the mood and playing your favorite music or showing off funny dance moves can also help diffuse some of the stress.

Use Us as a Military Resource

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