Did you know that now is the perfect time to start house hunting? Yes, the weather might not be as nice as the spring or summer, but there are some advantages of starting your home search before the New Year. Here are five simple reasons why the holiday season is a great time to begin your house hunting.

1. Less Competitive

During this time of year, we typically see a dip in real estate transactions. With fewer buyers competing for potential listings, you may have more properties to choose from and gain some increased flexibility in your house hunting search. Your offer might stand out more with reduced competition.

2. More Time for House Hunting

This year in particular, the housing market has been red hot and has forced potential buyers to act fast. During the holidays, you can be proactive by focusing your free time on your home search while others are holiday shopping. Make sure to narrow down your list of must-haves that you are looking for and be ready and available to tour homes that make the cut.

3. Low Interest Rates

While most potential homebuyers are pressing pause around the holidays, you might want to take advantage of the record low interest rates before they become a hinderance to your homebuying plans.

4. Chance to Negotiate

Since 2021 has been a seller’s market with low home inventory, potential buyers have had no negotiation leg to stand on. Yet, around the holidays through the end of the year, fewer potential buyers may help you negotiate price, contract terms, and a closing date. Sellers looking to move quickly might be more willing to negotiate.

5. End of Year Tax Write-Offs

Making an end of the year home purchase gives house hunters the chance to receive a tax write-off. You can deduct your mortgage interest up to $750,000 along with deductions up to $10,000 of local, state, and property taxes.

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