Focus on 3 Areas to Sell Faster

Putting effort into increasing your home’s curb appeal before selling it will pay off. In real estate lingo, first impressions hinge on “curb appeal,” the attractiveness of the outside of a home from the street. Homes with great curb appeal sell for an average of 7% more than comparable properties that lack exterior charm, according to the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Here are some simple and affordable ways you can improve curb appeal to sell your military home faster, with expert insight from Realogy Military Rewards expert Real Estate Brand’s agents.

1. The Yard:

The first thing that potential homebuyers will see when they pull up to your home is your yard. How well it is maintained and its curb appeal could sway someone into buying your home or moving on to another listing.
Mary Churchill of Coldwell Banker Realty notes, “The prettier your house is from the outside, the more showings and offers you will get – and the more money you will put in your pocket when you sell your home.”

Here are some quick ways to spruce up your yard:

  • Mow your lawn to a healthy grass length
  • Trim any overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Clean and weed flowerbeds and plant flowers for the appropriate season
  • Paint or stain and repair fence work
  • Put away toys and other eyesore items like gardening tools, auto maintenance supplies, and trash cans

Make a lasting first impression on potential homebuyers by cleaning up your yard! If you need some more motivation, heed Mary’s advice: “Keep in mind how your buyers will react when they see your house online or arrive for a showing. You want them to think ‘This house looks great – let’s go in!’”

2. Home Exterior:

The other focus area that people will notice before stepping inside your home is it’s exterior, which needs to be addressed when trying to boost your home’s curb appeal. Here’s some great perspective from Jennifer Hernandez of Century 21 New Millennium, “While you can never get away from the three L’s in real estate (location, location, location), curb appeal should probably be a second maxim within the industry.”
You want to make your military home feel inviting so that potential buyers will want to tour the inside.

Here are some key focus areas:

  • Power wash to remove dirt and mildew
  • Clean windows and apply fresh paint to trim
  • Apply fresh paint to any exterior area of the home that looks worn
  • Fix repairs on the outside of the house, such as siding and gutters
  • Remove any debris on your roof – makes it show its age
  • Don’t give buyers clues to your home’s deficiencies. A window air conditioning unit means the central system is lacking. Plastic sheeting covering the windows announces the windows are old and drafty.

Ultimately, think of the message you’re sending to potential homebuyers when you examine your home’s exterior. Here’s what Amy Allen of Coldwell Banker Apex wants you to know, “When a home is not taken care of on the outside, it subconsciously tells the buyer that the inside is not maintained either.”

3. The Front Door:

Last, but not least, is how important your front door is. After taking in the yard and your home’s exterior, potential buyers will make their way to your front door. You might assume they will just open the door and proceed with their tour, but not so fast. This is another area that presents an opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Ways to boost curb appeal:

  • Make sure the front walk and path to your front door is clean and free of debris
  • Sweep and remove any debris or webs from the entrance. At minimum, add a new welcome mat, a very affordable purchase. The same is true for a doorbell or knocker.
  • The power of a gorgeous front door can’t be underestimated. Consider an entire new door system. If this isn’t possible, remove the panel from the hinges and carefully paint it an inviting color. Don’t forget to protect door hardware from paint.
  • Replace old light fixtures for a modern feel. If the lighting is up to date, then remove any bugs and clean the glass so they shine.

Ready For You

In today’s competitive housing market, buyers are expecting a move-in-ready home and will pay over asking price to avoid immediate clean-up and simple renovations both in and outside of the home. Improving your home’s curb appeal is a cost-effective way to help your military home sell faster.

As Heather Strowd of Wilkinson ERA Real Estate notes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so don’t miss your opportunity to shine.”

Our team at Realogy Military Rewards understands the challenges of trying to prepare a military home for a fast sale, and is ready to help you with your home selling journey and will connect you with an expert real estate agent in your local market.