Moving is an inescapable part of military families lives and most military families move every two to three years. We’re here to help those with their PCS orders for a Permanent Change of Station make their best move yet! Here is 7 exclusive moving tips that you need to know.

1. Wait Until Your Orders Actually Arrive

Moving is already stressful enough, but we all know how quickly things can change in the military. Make sure to wait until your PCS orders arrive before getting too caught up in planning or worrying about a move that hasn’t been finalized yet.

2. Don’t bring things that you didn’t unpack on your last move

When your move has been finalized and planning has begun, look around your house for items and carboard boxes that were never opened. Military families are always on the move, and things that weren’t unpacked on your last move probably aren’t going to be needed in your next house. Consider having a garage sale or donating these items to reduce your clutter.

3. Ziplock Bags Are Your Best Friend

Ziplock bags come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to keep loose items organized before a move. Think silverware, spices, and any loose items that you want to keep together. By storing them in clear plastic bags, they will be organized and easy to identify!

4. Packers are the Most Important Part of Your Team

When your moving date starts creeping closer, many military families begin to focus on hiring movers. Yet, having experienced packers is vital to having a successful move. They help make sure that your fragile and breakable items have the best opportunity of making it to your new home unbroken. When they show up on moving day, be sure to get to know them, explain your biggest concerns and be helpful as they pack your items.

5. You Can Fire Your Movers

If things are going very wrong during your move (movers fighting, items damaged, etc.) call the moving company’s office. On average, more than two-thirds of those who moved to a new duty station within the past three years, had loss or damage in their move. If this happens to you, contact the company right away. You will likely be required to file a claim, but they should make sure things are taken care of.

6. Only Open One Box at a Time in Your New House

It’s easy to open a box, but many don’t a box and place each item in the spot they want once it’s opened. Commit to the notion that once a box is opened, you will take everything out of the box and place it in its correct spot.

7. Involve All Family Members

Try to include all members of the family with unpacking in your new home. This will make your children feel involved and needed. Let them play the role of hero and make unpacking fun for the whole family!

We’re Ready to Help Military Families

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